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Sea Bream Royal WILD 800-1000g

France / per 800-1000g

AED 19999


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It is now very common to find farmed Sea bream in the market. However, our Wild Royal Sea bream, is fished and sourced from France and is caught using traditional methods. Cooking: In oven, grilled, fried Mourad Kahoul, a native Algerian and a passionate fisherman known as Dubai’s King of seafood who commutes between Marseille, Algeria, and Dubai to brings the best fish from the sea to Dubai’s finest restaurant and now straight to your plate at home with Biobox. Mourad was also awarded the legion of honor and is the president of the Mediterranean tuna fishing syndicate. All of our seafood and wild fish will be freshly caught after you order it, shipped to Dubai by air straight from the Ocean. To ensure the absolute best quality and freshness, we trace everything up to the fishing boat's name! As such, all the seafood you order on BioBox: - Order until Wednesday 7pm (Dubai time) will be delivered the following Sunday - Order until Sunday 7pm (Dubai time) will be delivered the following Thursday But don't worry! the other groceries in your cart will be delivered separately according to the delivery slot of your choosing (same day/next day)

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1kg (approx. 12 pieces) France

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Sea Bream Royal WILD 600-800g

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